Sparrows Over Spain:

We are a four Piece Rock/Indie/Pop-Punk band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In the beginning there was an ad Posted on Kijiji by Jamie (Vocals) looking for people with similar goals who would like to start a band and had some influences were listed. This caught the eye of Mitch (Bass) who had just decided to take a quick look as it had yielded great results in the past. An email was sent, and Sparrows Over Spain was on its was to fruition.

They arranged a meeting at a Subway and Jamie was going to bring his friend, and possible band member, Austin (Guitar) with him. After the meeting they rolled up to Mitch’s house and tried out a quick acoustic jam which resulted in their first song “Switchlove”. Feeling the chemistry they agreed all they needed was a drummer. A Facebook post by Mitch found the news feed of Fraser (Drums). Mitch and Fraser had been in previous bands before together (Death By Numbers, Rockets and Dinosaurs), and they knew it would be another match.

Jamming in Mitch’s garage for the next month brought forth a couple songs, then the jam space was lost. A small hiatus was put on as it was August and everyone needed a summer vacation! When they reconvened they had found a new jam space and hammered out a couple more songs. Shows were booked and the pressure was on.

Alas! a new jam space was needed AGAIN! Once again it was easily rectified and they started polishing their set. More songs were brought to the table and the cohesiveness of the band was blossoming.

Time to show the world what perseverance and dedication can create between friends.